Author Archive: Wanda Sevey, MDiv, LMFT

27 Dec

Getting Through January: Self-Care Apps to Help You Feel Happier in the Winter Months

Nothing feels as long as the months between the holidays and the sunshine of spring. Cloudy days, dark afternoons and bare trees call for making self-care a priority more than ever.  If a winter cruise is out of the question, here is a tool kit… Read More

22 Dec

A Guide to the Holidays for Imperfect Families

It’s okay to admit that your family is not perfect. Even I have had my moments of dreading family gatherings.  I know, however,  as a couple and family therapist,  you can run but you cannot hide from the influence your family of origin has on you. … Read More

14 Dec

Communication is Not Easy

“They taught us how to square dance in school but they never bothered to teach us how to communicate with someone we love.”   If you are like this frustrated client, you have probably been living with communication problems in your relationship for a very long… Read More

1 Dec

Most Relationship Problems Can’t Be Solved

Relationships naturally ebb and flow. Even for the most intimate and closest of partners, communication can break down and devolve into conflict, leading to resentment and stress. How do you keep love alive even when you disagree? You probably have a few regular issues in your relationship… Read More

20 Jul

Healing Moral Injury – Four Steps That Help

War demands that people do things that are far outside of civilian life.  The ethics, rules and moral code of everyday life are suspended so that the goals of completing a mission and bringing battle buddies home safely can be accomplished.  A returning warrior’s inner… Read More

13 Jul

This means opening our hearts; A how-to guide

In Dallas this week the President asked us all to open our hearts to one another.  He asked us to remember that each person brings their own inner story to the stories of protest and violence we’ve experienced, seen or heard about this past week. It’s… Read More

12 Jul

The Hidden Wound of Moral Injury After War

Iraqi war vet, Tyler Budreu wrote “They say war is hell but I say it’s the foyer to hell.  I say coming home is hell, and hell ain’t got no coordinates.”  (in Packing Inferno) What could lead Budreu to say this?  In the past few… Read More

18 Aug

Tips For Keeping That Summer Feeling

Every August I wish I could make summer last just a little longer. During my recent week at the shore I even started to wonder if there are ways I could bring those feelings of well being and calm with me as I returned to home and… Read More

15 Jan

New Beginnings

Marking a new year with a new beginning is so common that I was surprised on December 31st when a local newspaper journalist called and asked me “Is it true that January is the month when the highest number of relationships end?”  After my conversation… Read More

16 Dec

When Holidays Are Blue

It has been a privilege for me to accompany people on their evolving journeys with grief and, despite what department store and elevator music is telling us, this is not always the ‘happ-happiest’ time of the year for everyone. All of us have experienced some… Read More