Jane Summers, MD

Jane Summers, MD

Staff Psychiatrist
Director, Women's Psychological Health Services
Medical Director
(215) 382-6680 ext. 7070

Dr. Jane Summers has specialized in women’s behavioral health throughout her career and provides medication evaluation and treatment for clients treated by Council for Relationships therapists in our Women’s Psychological Health Services. Dr. Summers’ approach prioritizes understanding the unique issues that affect the emotional health of women such as reproductive health and hormonal changes over the lifespan.

She is a general adult psychiatrist as well and is available to treat Council for Relationships therapy clients with medication when indicated. She believes in a team approach with client, therapist, and psychiatrist to offer the best collaborative care.

Dr. Summers provides cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, a specialized intervention for those with chronic insomnia. If clinically indicated, she works with patients to change or wean off sleep medications. Clients are seen for a 90 minute evaluation/psychoeducation session and then for four to seven treatment sessions, depending on the needs of the individual.

Dr. Jane Summers received her Medical Degree from Georgetown University and completed her psychiatry residency training at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital. She has been in practice for 28 years. She served as the Medical Director of Pennsylvania Hospital Women’s Mental Health Program and, most recently, developed and directed the Women’s Behavioral Health Program at Crozer Chester Medical Center. Dr. Summers currently serves as the Director of Women’s Psychological Health Services at Council for Relationships where she is also the Medical Director.

Fee: $$-$$$$

Dr. Summers is willing to talk with new clients about the potential for a lower hourly rate dependent on that client’s income; please reach out by phone or email to have a discussion with her. More information about fees can be found here

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