Nina Fortuna, LMFT

Nina Fortuna, LMFT

Office Director, Center City
Staff Therapist
(215)382-6680 ext. 4209

Nina is a licensed relational therapist who works with individuals, couples, and families to support and deepen their growth and development. Nina is skilled at working with families of young children and adolescents. She uses a family-focused approach to foster security, safety, and attachment with the support of a nurturing, judgment-free therapeutic bond and innate curiosity she has for the experiences of those she works with. Nina has experience working with couples facing relationship distress, issues of separation and uncoupling, as well as improvement in co-parenting and co-caregiver relations. Nina is passionate about exploring the emotional climate of your past to help you strengthen your current relationships and cultivate a more satisfying emotional experience in daily life.

Nina’s specializations include anxiety and depression, managing family and individual life transitions, improving intimacy and communication with couples, and healing after trauma.


Fee: $-$$

Ms. Fortuna is willing to talk with new clients about the potential for a lower hourly rate dependent on that client’s income; please reach out by phone or email to have a discussion with her. More information about fees can be found here

  • Philadelphia, PA – Center City
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