Group Therapy

Council offers a year round calendar of groups and workshops to help individuals heal, learn and grow.

Workshops are 1-1.5 hour therapist-led interactive workshops providing practical strategies that help individuals improve the areas of their lives that are most important. Potential topics for our workshops include any of the 45 subject areas that our staff therapist are expert in. These include:

  • Parenting
  • Stress and/or Anxiety Management
  • Couples Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Mindfulness

The core belief about group therapy is that the group comes to be a representation of your world at large. In that way, group members relate to and interact with one another similarly to how they relate to and interact with others in their lives.

The therapist helps group members use the group to explore themselves, their beliefs, and their interactional patterns in order to grow and work through issues in their lives.  The potential to relate to the stories and experiences of fellow group members can also promote the growth of empathy and understanding as well as a sense of not being alone in one’s experience.

The growth and healing that comes from being part of a therapy group can be tremendous and the experience can be very powerful.