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Pennsylvania Therapist Accepting New Clients: Jagkirpal Channa

November 9, 2023

Finding a Pennslyvania therapist who accepts new clients can be difficult. CFR is proud to have Staff Therapist Jagkirpal Channa, MFT, MS, as a member of our organization. Jagkirpal sees individuals, couples, and families virtually or in person. He is currently accepting new clients.

Continue reading to learn more about Jagkirpal’s therapeutic approaches, goals, and training.

Pennsylvania Therapist Jagkirpal Channa (pictured here) joined CFR in 2023.

Pennsylvania Therapist Jagkirpal Channa (pictured here) joined CFR in 2023.

Jagkirpal’s journey to becoming a Pennsylvania therapist

I received my master’s degree in couples and family therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. My clinical graduate experience allowed me to provide therapy to people from diverse backgrounds at Council for Relationships. I also challenged major assumptions in emotionally focused couples therapy to include minority groups and was awarded honors for my work.

After graduating and obtaining my degree, I mentored and developed underrepresented youth in workforce development. I continued to provide therapy and taught at LaSalle University, contributing to their couples and family therapy master’s program. I recently rejoined Council for Relationships to continue to work with underrepresented populations. Aside from being a therapist, I’m a first-generation Indian-American passionate about social justice!

I’m a believer that your cultural values, family system, ethnicity, gender, adverse experiences, and background shape who you are. I use my systemic lens to conceptualize and understand my clients. I will collaborate with my clients to create treatment goals and highlight their strengths in our treatment plan. I take an authentic and organic approach to encourage my clients to show up as themselves.

Lastly, as a first-generation Indian American, I recognize the importance of being heard by someone who understands your background and culture. I am passionate about working with Asian-American communities, first-generation Americans, couples, and adolescents.

Expect to feel heard, welcomed, and validated

Research indicates that the number one predictor for successful treatment in therapy is the relationship between a clinician and client. Therefore, I always prioritize building relationships and connections with my clients by creating a safe environment. You can expect to feel heard, welcomed, and validated in our sessions to encourage self-exploration. I walk with my clients as they develop new self-awareness, empathy, and meaning.

Life often tests us with roadblocks that impact our ability to be authentic and experience empowered lives. I strive to help my client explore, challenge, and remove unproductive patterns to create everlasting change. My goal for therapy is to help my clients to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

As a systemic thinker, I use a variety of interventions from internal family systems, solution-focused, narrative, cognitive behavioral, and emotional-focused couples therapy. More importantly, I create personalized plans catering to each individual’s strengths and goals.

Like a thumbprint, everyone is different, with different backgrounds, experiences, and goals. Therefore, I collaborate with my clients to create unique plans to meet their needs. My clients can expect each session to start with an agenda and check-in to review progress or if we need to alter our treatment plan.

Are you struggling with the decision to start therapy?

Mental wealth. Without thought, people invest in their physical health, careers, pets, homes, and families but often neglect their mental health. Like check-ups, check within yourself to evaluate mental roadblocks preventing you from living your best life. Therapy is an avenue to feel more confident in facing challenges, changing behaviors holding you back, reflecting on underlying feelings, and healing from past pains. My clients who commit to therapy often find themselves naturally improving other areas of their lives.

It all starts with you and your mental wellbeing.

CFR therapists are accepting new clients. Ready to book an appointment with a Pennsylvania therapist? Do you have questions about costs?

Jagkirpal Channa, MFT, MS, is a Pennsylvania therapist accepting new clients online and in person. Click here to request an appointment.

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