Philadelphia Psychiatrist Accepting New Patients: Dr. Michael Antzis

January 4, 2023

Finding a Philadelphia psychiatrist accepting new patients can be difficult. CFR is proud to welcome staff psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Antzis, to our organization. Dr. Antzis sees patients virtually and at CFR’s Center City Philadelphia office. He is currently accepting new patients.

Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Antzis, his therapeutic approaches, goals, and training.

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Dr. Michael Antzis

Dr. Antzis’s journey to becoming a psychiatrist

I completed both medical school and residency training in psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University. As a general adult psychiatrist, I am trained to use therapy and/or medication to treat a wide variety of psychiatric concerns, although I have a particular interest in mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and ADHD. I have experience working with adults all across the age spectrum, from college-aged to the geriatric population.

CFR’s strong reputation for providing quality therapy and psychiatric services is why I chose to join the organization. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside such talented and caring colleagues.

I’ve always been passionate about humor, and, more recently, the intersection between humor and mental health. I’ve found that humor can be a powerful coping mechanism, and can help to put things into perspective.

What a new psychiatry patient can expect during your first session with Dr. Antzis

In my first session, I start by asking open-ended questions that encourage my patients to reflect on their experiences, and talk freely about them. This gives my patients a chance to fully explore everything on their mind, and it gives me the opportunity to appreciate the full scope of my patients’ concerns. From there, I collaborate with patients to identify their goals of treatment, and then we begin our therapeutic work together.

Goals for new patients

One of the main goals of therapy is to help my patients achieve progress in those specific areas they’ve identified as being more difficult or troublesome. For me, another goal of therapy is to create a comfortable space that enables my patients to be their most authentic, genuine selves during sessions.

In my therapy work, I help patients build insight into behaviors or thought patterns which may have been useful in the past, but which are currently no longer helpful. Specifically, I help patients to be more mindful of, and to more critically appraise, their thoughts. I have found that building such an awareness is often one of the first steps towards producing meaningful change. I also use medications, when indicated, to treat psychiatric conditions that cannot be fully addressed with therapy alone.

Struggling with the decision to book an appointment?

The process of making a decision to start therapy is not an easy one, since meaningful engagement in therapy requires time, commitment, and openness. This being said, therapy can absolutely transform an individual’s life for the better. For many individuals who find themselves struggling to cope with the stresses of life, the initial unfamiliarity with therapy is well worth the many benefits that therapy can provide.

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Dr. Antzis is a Philadelphia psychiatrist accepting new patients. Click here to book an appointment.

You may reach Dr. Antzis at or 215-382-6680 ext. 7047.

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