Margot Stein, MFT

Margot Stein, MFT

Staff Therapist
(215) 382-6680 ext. 7076

Margot Stein, MFT completed the clergy track for post-graduate studies in marriage and family therapy. She is dedicated to helping individuals and families who are struggling with difference: autism, ADHD, behavior disorders, learning issues, non-traditional, nonbinary or gender queer orientation, artists, and others learning to listen to their inner calling. With warmth, compassion, and humor, Ms. Stein creates a safe space for clients to connect with their resilience and take the next steps toward desired areas of growth and change. Clients and their families experience an increased ability to care for and accept themselves as they successfully meet life’s challenges and discover new possibilities.

Fees: $$-$$$

Ms. Stein encourages people considering therapy to reach out to discuss fees if there are any questions about this range. More information about fees can be found here.

  • Bryn Mawr, PA
  • Wynnewood, PA
  • Online Therapy

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