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Transform Your Life with Mindfulness-Based Therapy Services

April 10, 2024

Embarking on the path to healing and self-discovery requires courage, understanding, and guidance. Mindfulness-based therapy services offer a unique approach, combining traditional therapeutic practices with mindfulness techniques to support individuals, couples, and families in finding a way to meet life’s challenges.

In this blog, we delve into the story of Kent Matthies, a seasoned Unitarian Universalist Minister turned Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) and trained mindfulness leader. With over 30 years of experience supporting people through various life stages and challenges, Kent’s transition to become a therapist was driven by a lifelong commitment to helping people. His journey from ministering to providing therapeutic care exemplifies the profound impact of embracing mindfulness in therapy.

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By Kent Matthies, MFT, MDiv

The Path to Mindfulness-Based Therapy Services

A Lifelong Commitment to Helping People

Transitioning smoothly between a career in ministry and a second career as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and a trained mindfulness leader, I’ve dedicated over three decades to supporting individuals in recovery. This journey wasn’t a departure but a continuation of my lifelong commitment to assisting others. My calling to the ministry was deeply rooted in a desire to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, a theme that has been the backbone of my professional and personal endeavors.

Throughout my 25 years as a Unitarian Universalist Minister, I found joy and purpose in celebrating life’s milestones—from officiating weddings and welcoming new babies to guiding youth and supporting the elderly through their unique challenges.

This same drive for positive impact propelled me into my second career. The skills and insights I honed as a minister have been invaluable in my MFT and mindfulness leader work. I have always focused on fostering connections and providing support during life’s pivotal moments. Whether leading a diverse congregation, offering solace during times of loss, or advocating for societal change, my efforts have consistently aimed at creating a more compassionate and just world.

My dedication to being present in people’s lives has taken many forms, extending beyond traditional pastoral duties. My experiences range from aiding refugees in Central America to working with gang members and inmates, reflecting a broad and inclusive approach to community support. These experiences have enriched my understanding of human resilience and the power of community.

Leisure activities, like singing, sharing meals, recounting personal stories, and even cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles (Go Birds!), have further deepened my connections with those around me. These elements—whether part of my ministry or therapeutic practice—highlight my unwavering passion for nurturing relationships and building communities grounded in empathy and shared experiences.

Embracing a Second Career: From Minister to Marriage & Family Therapist

Throughout my personal and professional journeys, my overarching goal has always been to assist individuals in diminishing their suffering while enhancing their sense of wellness and joy. The therapeutic relationship, in particular, has offered me a unique avenue to connect more intimately with people. Within the confines of therapy, we can uncover and understand patterns that can lead to transformative changes in their lives.

This ability to make a significant difference ultimately inspired me to pursue a career as a therapist.

The Impact of Mindfulness in Marriage & Family Therapy

Nurturing Relationships with Professional Expertise

At CFR, I not only practice psychotherapy but also received my training to become a Marriage & Family Therapist. My education at CFR equipped me with diverse theories and strategies to assist clients effectively.

Here, we prioritize a pragmatic approach, tailoring our methods to meet each individual’s unique needs and objectives rather than relying on one-size-fits-all solutions.

Cultivating Growth: My Journey with CFR’s Postgraduate Certification

The CFR Postgraduate Certification MFT Program was instrumental in leveraging my prior 25 years of professional experience, propelling me into a fulfilling new career in Marriage & Family Therapy.

This program introduced me to a community of skilled and similarly motivated therapists, a network supporting my development and aspirations to excel in my practice.

An infographic showcasing the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Therapy Services offered by the Council for Relationships. The central title reads "Mindfulness-Based Therapy Services Help With…" and is surrounded by a circular arrangement of various mental health issues that the services aim to assist with. These include 'Anxiety', 'Bipolar Disorder', 'Depression', 'Unhappiness', and 'Reduce craving for addictive substances', each labeled on a colorful, brush-stroke style background. Decorative elements like leaves and hearts add a soothing visual touch to the design, and a source credit at the bottom mentions 'Verywell Mind'.

Infographic by Council for Relationships

Continuous Learning and Collaboration: The Cornerstones of Effective Therapy

Leveraging Years of Experience in Helping Diverse Clients

The field of psychotherapy is continuously evolving, and I am privileged to build upon the foundation laid by the pioneers of our profession. As we expand our knowledge in areas like neuroscience and attachment theory, my passion for ongoing learning grows stronger.

In collaboration, we are refining our approaches to support individuals who have experienced emotional immaturity in their upbringing, those who are navigating anxiety, and people seeking a deeper sense of purpose in their lives.

A Team Approach to Personalized Mindfulness-Based Solutions

At Council for Relationships, being part of an intelligent, talented, and dedicated team is something I truly cherish. Whenever I encounter a question beyond my expertise, I can rely on my colleagues’ wealth of experience. We are committed to providing each client with the highest level of professional service.

My personal and professional life has allowed me to support individuals, couples, and families through a variety of challenges, including marital issues, addiction and recovery, ADHD, and exploring spirituality in the latter half of life. I have a particular focus on assisting men with a broad spectrum of concerns. Working with athletes, nature enthusiasts, and gardeners also brings me great joy.

I am deeply committed to helping anyone eager to embark on a learning, growth, and transformation journey.

Embarking on a Therapeutic Journey: What to Expect

Your First Session: Setting the Path Towards Healing

Therapy offers a chance to modify thought and behavior patterns that aren’t benefiting us anymore, taking into account biological, social, and psychological aspects.

In our initial session, you’ll have the opportunity to express your goals for therapy. This is your time to illustrate the obstacles you’re facing and share the moments of sorrow and joy in your life.

Mindfulness and Emotional Focused Therapies: Crafting Your Unique Plan

Together, in a practical manner, we’ll determine the most effective approach and tailor a plan specifically crafted for your needs.

It’s possible that an emotionally focused therapy approach will suit your goals best. Or maybe, integrating mindfulness and elements from attachment or polyvagal theory will be more beneficial.

I’m committed to partnering with you on your mental health journey. Depending on your need, I may offer kindness and compassion or challenge your perspectives and choices. I hope to forge a connection with you intellectually and emotionally so we can work towards enhancing your life.

Taking the First Step Towards Mindfulness-Based Therapy

If you’re feeling uncertain about beginning therapy, here’s my suggestion: why not come in and give it a shot? While it’s possible that you might not see the value in therapy after just a few sessions, it’s far more likely that you’ll find it supportive, enlightening, and helpful in navigating your life and achieving your goals.

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CFR Staff Therapist Kent Matthies.

About CFR Therapist Kent Matthies, MFT, MDiv

Kent Matthies, MFT, MDiv, is a Staff Therapist at Council for Relationships. Contact him to book an individual, couples, or family therapy appointment.

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