Other Traumas

Other Traumas

The TTP research and findings of coping and adaptation after extreme trauma are relevant to other groups who have faced extreme trauma whether through genocidal attempts against them, through war, through combat, or through violence against their person. Below are examples of discussions about the application of TTP findings to two other groups.  

Rwandan Genocide

Short Interview of Eugenie Mukeshimana, Founder and Executive Director, Genocide Survivors Support Network (GSSN), with a Holocaust survivor. Eugenie feels that there is much to learn from the TTP research, particularly as it relates to Rwandan survivors and their children. “This book shed a light on many of the questions I have been pondering for quite some time.” She sees a use for TTP findings to significantly minimize intergenerational transmission of trauma among genocide survivors from Rwanda who recently migrated to the U.S.


This is a video of Edd Conboy, former director of Operation Home and Healing (OHH), staff clinician at Council for Relationships. In his role as director of OHH Edd asked the directors of TTP to organize a training workshop for clinicians on the impact of trauma in military families based on the TTP research findings. The training, Helping Vets Get Help, was held in 2013-2014. In his presentation during the four-day training, Edd discussed his experience in working with Veterans and what he learned from the TTP research and its importance in better understanding intergenerational issues in military families.

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