20 Dec

Fostering an Open-Hearted Relationship

The heart is an amazing organ. Whether you are a cardiac surgeon fascinated by its physiology or an athlete dedicated to expanding its capacity, a poet writing to capture its mystery or just an average person loving another person, the heart has long been considered… Read More

10 Oct

Happily Ever After Requires Hard Work

You meet the right person and fall in love, you marry and live happily ever after… Or do you? Finding Mr. or Ms. Right is a story many of us long to believe – despite the evidence to the contrary. More than one-third of marriages… Read More

18 Aug

Tips For Keeping That Summer Feeling

Every August I wish I could make summer last just a little longer. During my recent week at the shore I even started to wonder if there are ways I could bring those feelings of well being and calm with me as I returned to home and… Read More

4 Aug

End of Summer or Never-Ending Summer?

It's mid-August and there are, what feels like, many days left until the kiddos return to school. Camps are completed and vacations are now just (mostly) happy memories. How do we survive the next days with the kids while trying to do some work and stay cool,… Read More

24 Jun

Where Did Summer Vacation Go?

  Summer vacation has been a ritual that Americans undertake every year since the 1950’s. I remember going to the Jersey shore each year with my family. It was a time to load up the car with a variety of clothes, bikes and beach stuff.… Read More

10 Jun

The Journey of Grief: From Intruder to Companion

Sheryl Sandberg’s essay on her first 30 days of widowhood threw me back and forth for a while: back into that long ago day when I was flattened by the overwhelming shock of grief, forward again into the present when I am no longer shocked,… Read More

4 Jun

Learning From Caitlyn Jenner: Supporting Transgender People

In April, Bruce Jenner spoke about her transition to being a woman in a two-hour television special that drew nearly 17 million viewers. Through tears, Jenner revealed that her whole life she's had "the soul of a woman" but with her image as an invincible… Read More

9 May

An Open Letter From One Mother to Another

Dear Mother, I want to wish you a happy day.  No I’m not your child but I am so grateful for you and all that you do.  You see, I too am a mother.  I am a mother just like you.  But, what I want… Read More

8 May

Making Time To Hear Our Children

Our families are the foundations on which our children build their self-esteem and their mental & emotional health. The acceptance they experience and the love they see in their family’s eyes reflect an image for them as the young self develops. Here is a suggestion… Read More

7 May

Mothers and Daughters

Mother's Day can evoke mixed feelings, for different reasons at different times, in the lives of mothers and daughters. It is a holiday that seems to lack space for the full range of feelings that are engendered in family relationships. The mothers and daughters depicted… Read More