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Providing Specialized Programs

Community Partnerships Initiative (CPI)

Community Partnerships Initiative brings therapy on-site to partner organizations serving clients who need it most, but experience barriers to access.

Leaders, Entertainers, Athletes & Performers (LEAP)

Leaders, Entertainers, Athletes & Performers possess a unique set of skills and experience a high-level of stress, our therapists can provide support.

Operation Home & Healing (OHH)

Operation Home & Healing connects specially-trained therapists with service members, veterans, and their families to help heal the invisible wounds of war.

Transcending Trauma Project (TTP)

Transcending Trauma Project is a research project that examines the effects of trauma on three generations of Holocaust survivor families.

Women’s Psychological Health Services (WPHS)

Women’s Psychological Health Services connects specially-trained clinicians to help women navigate mental health through all the stages of their lives.

We help people from all walks of life improve their important relationships.

We provide quality therapy for all, regardless of ability to pay.

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Multiculturalism When Working with Blended Families

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Featured Therapist for November, Kelly Wallace-Baxter

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Your donation will ensure that we have the resources to to quickly respond to changing and ongoing needs to help the individuals, couples, and families we serve.

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