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Featured Therapist for November, Ayo Akindumila

November 12, 2020

Every month, Council for Relationships features one of our staff therapists. This month’s Featured Therapist is Ayo Akindumila, LMFT. Learn more about her in the below interview!

What makes you unique as a therapist and as a person?

You can think of me as “the therapist next door” or “the therapist from the block,” or really any idiom that helps you feel comfortable. The comfort of my clients is always a top priority. I’m an easy-going therapist who loves what she does and is pretty great at it. I’m also human, like everyone else. My superpowers just happen to be the same skillset needed to be a phenomenal therapist. I’m lucky to have found a highly fitting career, one that aligns with who I am naturally and provides me the opportunity to express myself authentically.

Personally, I’m a proud Nigerian Texan who was born in New Jersey and happens to currently live in Philadelphia. Salted Caramel Blondie Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s is my favorite ice cream flavor and I love A24 films. I also enjoy being in nature, whether it be the beach, the mountains, or the woods. As one of the few clinicians at Council for Relationships, and in the Greater Philadelphia Area at large, who specializes in working with athletes, I hope something about my feature will resonate with you, and that we can begin working together soon.

Who is your ideal client?

I concentrated on Exercise and Sports Science in my undergrad at Texas Tech University before pursuing my clinical master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families looking to cope with stressful transitions. But I specialize in working with athletes who are experiencing stress associated with major transitions or are attempting to cope with the effects of a compilation of transitions, whether they be personal, or sports related.

Why did you decide to become a therapist?

I decided to become a therapist after recognizing a need for individuals and family structures to be more emotionally adept. I was able to empathize with the emotional distress of those around me, and that made me want to be part of a solution that supported the alleviation of that distress. The longer I practice, the more excited I become about my career. It is rewarding in many ways. It is a joy to watch clients transform and heal from the hardships that propelled them to begin their therapeutic journey.

Describe a typical first session with you.

In our first session, I am usually spending time listening to how I can be helpful to my clients. That’s why clients come to therapy, right? It’s important to me to help clients feel comfortable with the process from the beginning, and that notion is what drives my behaviors in sessions, especially the first one. I value the courage it takes to invest in your mental wellness, and I hope to help you through your journey.

Ayo Akindumila, LMFT, is a staff therapist at our Center City and University City offices in Philadelphia  PA; she currently sees clients via online therapy. To set-up an appointment, you can reach her at aakindumila@councilforrelationships.org or 215-382-6680 ext. 7080.