1 Aug

Getting to know August featured therapist, Ryan McMillian, MDiv, MFT

What makes you unique as a therapist and person? I am charismatic and reserved, direct and diplomatic, a guide and a learner. Such paradoxical elements make me unique as a therapist and a person. I have had a knack for connecting with men in couple's… Read More

17 Jul

Couples and Conflict Resolution

By John McWilliams Do you know what you and your partner are really arguing about? Recently, a couple began to argue in session. Actually, they resumed an argument that they had during the previous weekend which led them to resume an argument from months ago… Read More

5 Jul

Overcoming Emotional Distance from Your Lover

By Sammi Nguyen When your relationship settles into a long-term routine, you might find that a queasy feeling of distance has grown up between you and your lover when you weren’t looking, or that trivial disagreement over washing the dishes escalates in no time flat… Read More

1 Jul

Getting to know July’s Featured Therapist, John McWilliams, MSS, LCSW

1. What makes you unique as a therapist and person? Well, I am not sure that I am particularly unique but I often surprise people with my story. I was a CPA for almost 20 years before deciding to become a therapist. Some people are… Read More

26 Jun

Empowering Minds Globally

By Tracey Tanenbaum  Last year Council for Relationships kicked off what will hopefully be a lasting annual tradition. We inaugurated an award in honor of CFR’s founder. Dr. Emily Hartshorne Mudd was a feminist and change agent, committed to bettering the lives of couples and… Read More

21 Jun

Testimony about Operation Home and Healing’s Services to Veterans and Families for the Veterans Advisory Council Commissioners Open Hearing

By Nancy Isserman  Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to acquaint you with Operation Home and Healing services to the military and Veteran populations. Operation Home and Healing or OHH is part of Council for Relationships. Council for Relationships or… Read More

13 Jun

Views From A Millennial Therapist

By Sarah Epstein Sarah Epstein is a Master's student in the Couple and Family Therapy program at Thomas Jefferson University and Couple and Family Therapy Intern at Council For Relationships. Read the full Family Therapy Magazine article. Read More

2 Jun

Getting to know June’s Featured Therapist, John Hill, M.Div., MFT

What makes you unique as a therapist and person? I am unique as a therapist because of the many life experiences I have had. These have included extensive education and many different cultural influences. I have lived in rural, suburban and urban communities. Professionally I… Read More

23 May

The Fidget Spinner Spin

Are you asking yourself, what is a fidget spinner? Don’t feel bad if you are, I had to google it too.  While that might mean that we both live under rocks, a fidget spinner is basically the newest iteration of a tool for doing something… Read More

1 May

Getting to know May’s Featured Therapist, Emma Steiner, MSW, LCSW

What is your role at Council for Relationships? In addition to being a therapist, I am also the Associate Director of Clinical and Business Operations (ADoCBO), and I am a supervisor in our Post-Graduate training program.  I really enjoy the different responsibilities I hold because… Read More