12 May

Why I joined a group of clinicians devoted to Women’s Psychological Health Services

Staff Therapist Laurel Roe, MS CHR, MFT is one of over 20 clinicians in the Women’s Psychological Health Services program at Council for Relationships. Read on to find out more about the services offered and why CFR staff members are honored to be a part of this new initiative.  

As a clinician, I know that every woman’s psychological needs are as unique as she is.  I accepted the invitation to be a part of the Women’s Psychological Health Services program so that I can help provide thoughtful and knowledgeable care to women of all ages as they face life’s challenges.  

WPHS is a diverse team of dedicated clinicians who collectively share decades of personal and professional experience. We understand how the many challenges women face throughout their lifetime can impact their emotional health. These challenges include issues related to conception and pregnancy, sexuality, biological and health challenges, concerns related to aging, stress of care giving, and parenting.  In addition, a woman’s mental health needs may change over the course of her lifetime:  anxiety, depression, and grief can be a part of any life stage.    

We collaborate to share our particular areas of expertise and interests with one another.  Therapists in the group bring experience from many different fields including medicine, education, law, and psychiatry.  This is particularly helpful for me because I have access to current, relevant information specific to these fields that informs my care based on a client’s specific concerns. In addition, many of us have personally experienced the same challenges our clients are facing. I also have access to a variety of resources within CFR and throughout the larger community that I can offer to my clients. These include referrals for specialists, support groups, women’s centers and community-based programs. All of these things come together and create an  informed and empathetic experience for our clients.  

We understand that women may feel a range of emotions and have lots of questions as they navigate a variety of medical, relational, and personal challenges. We assess each person’s specific needs using a systems-based approach. This means we work to understand how our clients’ lives are impacted by their relationships, the communities in which they live and work, and other influences. It also means we  recognize each person as a unique individual shaped by their gender, ethnicity, and race. We are then able to provide individual, couples, family, and sex therapy as appropriate for the individual and their situation. This may include internal or external referrals for specialized support. 

I believe that health care designed for the varied and unique needs of women should be available to all women. The impact of this personalized attention is great. By listening to what a woman wants for herself, a therapist can design a unique and specific treatment plan providing specialized care. This allows her to achieve her personal goals and participate fully in her life.    

When we support and care for women, we improve the quality of life for her as an individual, make relationships more fulfilling, and strengthen bonds within families. These benefits can impact future generations. 

If you think you or someone you care about would benefit from Women’s Psychological Health Services, visit our webpage to learn more.