Alishia Kalos, Psy.D., CST

Alishia Kalos, Psy.D., CST

Staff Therapist
(215) 382-6680 ext. 4203

Therapy is an invaluable opportunity for individuals and couples to learn about themselves and the relationships that they want to cultivate. Whether you are thinking about working through a particular issue, hoping to gain clarity and focus in future decisions, or considering a short-term “check-up”, I will work with you in a safe, non-judgmental space that cultivates compassion, healing, and growth. I believe in the power of building on each person/couple’s strengths and discovering, through a collaborative approach, new ways to adapt and grow.

I am a licensed psychologist with specialized experience in addressing sexual and relational concerns such as intimacy, communication, desire, arousal, satisfaction, pain, relationship contract negotiation, unusual sexual interests, and sexual behavior challenges. I also have specialized experience working with individuals/couples managing cancer, major health-related changes, or chronic illness.

I provide services in English and Spanish. I have extensive training utilizing Cognitive Behavioral (e.g., CBT, Schema, Problem-Solving) and Mindfulness-based approaches and also utilize psychodynamic approaches. My approach is tailored based on each person/couple’s unique constellation of personal, relational, spiritual/religious experiences, expectations, and goals.


Fee: $$$-$$$$

Dr. Kalos encourages people considering therapy to reach out to discuss fees if there are any questions about this range. More information about fees can be found here.

  • Paoli, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA – Center City
  • Online Therapy

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