Featured Therapist for September, Brittany Kurdewan

September 3, 2019

Every month, Council for Relationships features one of our Staff Therapists. This month’s Featured Therapist, Brittany Kurdewan, LMFT, joined our staff in 2019. Learn about Brittany in the interview below!

Why did you decide to become a therapist?

I have always been interested in a career that helps people. I took a psychology course in high school that initially sparked my interest. It was during this time that my community faced an epidemic of suicide and addiction. I realized then that these were not just individual issues, because I witnessed how it affected my entire community. I knew I wanted to support others and advocate for those who were struggling. I’ve learned the value of relational connectedness and how having a support network can help individuals overcome obstacles in their lives. As a community, we became more educated, united, and stronger at working through the difficult times. At the very least, I offer support to anyone who is struggling with emotional and mental health concerns because I believe no one should have to go through those things alone.

What do you consider to be the goal of therapy?

At the core, I consider self-growth to be a major goal of therapy. Changes can be made when an individual is able to self-reflect and gain insight into themselves, their behaviors, their thought processes, and understand what motivates them. Sometimes our goals can seem unattainable or far out of reach since they might be affected by external factors such as work, health, or other people. I seek to support and challenge my clients in recognizing what they have control over while empowering them to be self-validating and assertive in obtaining their goals.

What is something your clients would say about you?

I think my clients would express their appreciation of the compassion and validation I demonstrate during therapy. One of my favorite aspects of the work I do is witnessing my clients grow and be able to implement the changes in their life they initially felt powerless to make. I feel my greatest strength as a therapist is empowering my clients to realize and personify their best qualities and utilize them to create the changes they wish to see.

What does a first session with you usually consist of?

The first session, much like many of my sessions, is a collaborative one. We will discuss what brings you into counseling, gather a sense of what you would like to accomplish in treatment, and how I can support you in that. By coming into your first session, you have already made the first step in making a change and, together, we can continue to work towards your goals until they are met.


Brittany currently sees clients at our Center City office. Interested in therapy with Brittany? Request an appointment.